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Under the Boot

About us

Welcome the exclusivity. A southern twist on a historic concept is awoken by effervescent highballs and spirited conversations. 

Experience the mirage of dimly lit candles and streaks of neon as melodic chords diffuse this sunken hideaway.

Aristocrats, bourgeoisie, and industrialists intersect for a taste on classically styled hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. 

A memorable den for quintessential soirées. Soulful hospitality at the start of every introduction. 

Under The Boot stirs in crowds with a thirst for spontaneity. Reveal its hidden location. This speakeasy is only a whisper away. 

9 minutes on the path from world trade center to 116 newark ave grove street path station.

Main Ph. 201-706-3237

Events Ph. Text or Call: 201-710-0147